One Florida citrus grower shared his success in utilizing spray fertilizers to boost his citrus tress during this season’s drought.

The Florida citrus season ended in July, and one grower claimed it was a season of “surprises and challenges,” according to a Central Florida Ag News story. Charles Counter of Counter Ag Services in Haines City maintained that the start of the season looked good with a “beautiful, uniform bloom” that he had hoped promised a high-yield crop. While things didn’t necessarily work out that way, he did see success with spray fertilizers to boost his citrus trees stress from drought. Read the details below.

Using Spray Fertilizers

“We went 45 days without rain, and that’s when the trees needed it the most. That’s something we haven’t experienced before. The trees used all of their stored carbohydrates during that uniform bloom and when the rains didn’t come, their health suffered,” Counter explained in the article.

He said he started to see signs of stress in his citrus trees—” a lot of dropped leaves and fallen branches.” According to the article. Counter “started a regimen of spray fertilizers to feed the root system and to try to build the trees back up and get the crop back on track.”

According to Counter, he felt the efforts were a success. “The young trees responded well and have pretty much recovered by now,” he said in the article. “Among our older trees, though, the recovery has been slower.”

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