See the suggestions from a UF/IFAS multi-county citrus Extension agent on hurricane recovery, as well as hurricane prep.

We’re in the middle of the Atlantic hurricane season, which continues until November 30th. You’ll hear a lot of suggestions and tips for hurricane preparation, but what about after a hurricane? Multi-county citrus Extension agent Ajia Paolillo shared suggestions for both hurricane prep and hurricane recovery for Florida citrus growers in the August All In For Citrus podcast and a Citrus Industry article. See the details below.

Hurricane Prep and Hurricane Recovery

According to the article, Paolillo maintained that “personal safety — “ourselves, our families, our employees” — should be the top concern to citrus growers during both hurricane prep and hurricane recovery.

For hurricane prep, Paolillo advised the usual:

  • Ensuring you have an adequate supply of everything you’ll need during and after the storm, such as “spare parts for equipment and irrigation systems, fuel for pumps, and safe drinking water for grove workers.”
  • Ensuring drainage areas are cleared of vegetation and sediment
  • Securing buildings, putting things inside, and securing pesticides, other chemicals, and large equipment.

For recovery after a hurricane, Paolillo advised:

  • “Ensure all employees are safe, then assign recovery duties and assess grove damage.”
  • “Flood water in the grove should be removed as quickly as possible, certainly within 72 hours in an effort to prevent root damage.
  • “Fallen trees should be righted immediately, and individual protective covers should be quickly replaced on young trees.”
  • “Observing for root damage, monitoring for citrus canker spread, and proper irrigation and fertilization.”

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