Polk County hosted its eleventh annual trade show and ninth annual Ranch Rodeo this past February, bringing together horse wranglers and ranchers alike. Families came from all over the state to shop saddles and specialty feed at the various booths. The Polk County Cattlewomen ran concessions and offered giveaways throughout the day.

Around the ring at the Polk County AgriCivic Center, guests watched rodeo riders showcase their skills in traditional ranch rodeo competitions. Ranch teams competed in five categories: wild cow milking, colt riding, calf branding, double mugging, and team sorting.

We’re pleased to congratulate the following ranch teams and riders from the show:

Overall winners were:

  • 1st place – John Stevens Land and Cattle
  • 2nd place – H&H Cattle Company
  • 3rd place – Cadillac Ranch


Event winners were:

  • John Stevens Land and Cattle – Calf Branding, Double Mugging, Team Sorting and Colt Riding
  • H&H Cattle – Cow Milking


Senior Sorting winners were:

  • Charles Clark, David McCullers and Ronnie Welch


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