Enjoy an old-time cattle drive, and so much more, at the Immokalee Cattle Drive this Saturday, March 10th.


This Saturday, March 10th, if you head to the Immokalee Cattle Drive, we’ll see a band of authentic cowboys and cowgirls on a as-real-as-it-can-get cattle drive taking 200 head of cattle down Main Street. It’s a short drive from our La Belle office.  The drive ends at the current Immokalee Pioneer Museum at Roberts Ranch, where a host of other features from Florida’s cattle-driving past will be on display.

Attractions at the Cattle Drive and Jamboree


Cattle drives that aim to capture the genuine experience of a driving cattle are meant to pay homage to a way of life that was the roots of the Florida cattle industry is today. These cattle drives utilize many of the cowhand skills that are still needed and used on many Florida ranches today, like roping and whip-cracking. These skills will be on display at the Jamboree as well, in addition to traditional food demonstrations, alligator wrestling, music, food vendors, and more

The Roberts Ranch, where the Immokalee Pioneer Museum now resides, has been in operation since the early 1900s. The cattle drive boss, Clint Raulerson, is a fifth-generation cattleman whose grandfather used to work the Roberts Ranch, highlighting how close the past is to the present.

This cattle drive also serves to highlight the importance of the cattle industry to the public, so spread the word. The entire jamboree is a family-friendly event with a lot of opportunity for learning and exploration, giving folks the opportunity to learn more about the past of cattle ranching, and its present and future.

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Photo courtesy of Billy Gast.