If you have a problem with ticks in the Southern Region of the US, utilize the Tick App from Texas A&M to help solve it.

Texas A&M created the Tick App for those in Texas and the Southern Region to use to help ag producers dealing with tick problems. Recommended by The Florida Cattlemen’s Association, the app “has been developed to provide citizen consumers and professional practitioners with a convenient guide to the identification of ticks impacting humans, livestock, companion animals, and wildlife,” according to the website. See the details below.

Details of the Tick App

The Tick App comes in handy if you are seeing ticks on your livestock and if those working on your ag operation are having trouble with ticks. For cattle ranchers, ticks can cause anemia in cattle and other livestock, and they can also spread a number of diseases to both cattle, other animals on the farm, and humans.

The app also “provides educational information on tick biology, association of disease-causing pathogens, prevention and protection, and control and management,” according to the website.

The app offers:

  • Images of common ticks found in the area for identification.
  • Images of invasive ticks not usually found in the area for identification.
  • Information on tick biology.
  • Tips for tick prevention and protection.
  • Instructions for removing ticks.
  • Information on tick pathogen testing, including information on preserving collected ticks to preserve the insect.
  • Tips on tick control and management.

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