Find tips for ranchers for determining cattle COD, provided by the South Florida Beef-Forage Program Article-of-the-Month.

Life and death go hand-in-hand on a working ranch, and the death of one of your herd can leave a lot of questions. The South Florida Beef-Forage Program Article-of-the-Month shared tips on determining cattle COD. See an excerpt below.

Determining Cattle COD

The article shared the following tips on determining cattle COD:

  • “Observing the herd, identifying normal and unusual behavior, and checking pastures for harmful weeds, predators, and things that could hurt the herd, are vital to start looking into dangers for a beef cattle owner.
  • “Livestock owners need to regularly monitor their herd to make sure calves are being born without problems.”
  • “A good working relationship with a local large animal veterinarian can help determine death losses. Animal losses warrant a call to the veterinarian.”
  • “A very useful and important service available to livestock owners and veterinarians alike is the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Division of Animal Industry’s Bronson Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab (BADDL) located in Kissimmee, Florida.  The lab offers diagnostic services to potentially identify the cause of death, among other valuable services to Florida’s livestock industry.”
  • “The BADDL offers three different necropsy examination services. The Food and Fiber Animal Necropsy Exam at $100/animal; the Forensics, Research, and Insurance Exam at $250/animal; or the Necropsy in a Bottle (microscopic examination only) at $75/animal.”

Read the article in it’s entirety for more information:

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