Help provide valuable information when you take the Cow-Calf Survey given by CattleFax, a global leader in beef industry research, analysis, and information.

Cattle producers are encouraged to complete the 2020 CattleFax Cow-Calf Survey. The survey is aimed at cow-calf operations, whether they are commercial or seedstock/purebred operations. The survey’s results will “provide the industry and your operation with valuable information regarding industry benchmarks and trends,” according to a Citrus Industry article. See the details below.

Details of the Cow-Calf Survey

According to the article, survey takers will contribute information about the cow-calf industry, but they will also receive “a results summary packet, full of useful benchmarking information that will allow managers and owners to evaluate their own operations.” The survey consists of 36 questions, answered electronically, concerning herd size, calving, marketing, income, and more.

Respondents can have a cow-calf operation of any size in order to respond. If an operation has multiple calving seasons, CattleFax asks that respondents base their answers on the calving season they consider to be their primary herd or season in which the majority of the cowherd calves.

The Cow-Calf Survey is open until February 22nd, 2021. All results of the electronic survey are confidential and individual results will remain anonymous, though an email address is needed to receive the results summary packet and to be entered into a drawing for a $700 CattleFax voucher. Access the survey at, and know that answers are final once the survey is submitted.

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