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Tips on Determining Cattle COD

2023-10-03T19:51:35+00:00September 27th, 2023|

Find tips for ranchers for determining cattle COD, provided by the South Florida Beef-Forage Program Article-of-the-Month. Life and death go hand-in-hand on a working ranch, and the death of [...]

Measuring Forage Productivity

2022-05-30T15:29:08+00:00May 25th, 2022|

See options for measuring forage productivity to gauge the effects of management practices and document a return on your investment. Measuring forage productivity is an important tool in managing [...]

Defining Cattle Finishing Types

2020-12-16T03:53:44+00:00December 16th, 2020|

See the definitions of various cattle finishing types that Florida cattle ranchers can use as part of their marketing strategies. Beef cattle are raised in a number of different [...]

UF/IFAS Calls for Florida Cattle Operator Participation in Brahman Cattle Project

2018-06-22T02:48:29+00:00May 4th, 2017|

UF/IFAS researchers are asking Florida ranchers with Brahman cattle to participate in a project aimed at identifying the best genes and improving the breed.   The beef cattle sector [...]


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