See recommendations from research on glyphosate applications in citrus to combat preharvest fruit drop.

Glyphosate is commonly used in citrus groves as a tool in a weed management program, but there are concerns that link the herbicide to preharvest fruit drop, among other concerns. According to a Tip of the Week Citrus Industry article, a two-year study looking at connections between glyphosate application in citrus and preharvest fruit drop resulted in recommendations for Florida citrus growers. See the details below.

Details on Glyphosate Applications in Citrus Research

According to the article, “glyphosate application in citrus groves during early spring, close to fruit harvest in Valencia, did not cause any significant effect on preharvest fruit drop.” However, it did create a “slight reduction in fruit detachment force (FDF), an indicator of fruit holding force to the bearing branch.” In reducing FDF, glyphosate applications in citrus could increase preharvest fruit drop.

The study led to the following strategies for utilizing glyphosate in

  • “Avoid glyphosate sprays close to the harvesting date (e.g., within 10 weeks of harvest) in citrus. For example, in late spring-maturing varieties like Valencia, early spring season sprays can be avoided to ensure the yield safety of glyphosate-based herbicide programs.”
  • “Adopt proper herbicide application practices such as maintaining a safe spray boom distance and carefully positioning the angle of off-center spray nozzles. This will prevent any glyphosate spray contact with the citrus fruit, foliage and trunk and will also help enhance the crop-safe use of glyphosate in citrus.”

The article also maintains that the concerns with glyphosate’s use that has drawn concerns about its unintended effects on citrus can also be mitigated through the above strategies.

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