Get the latest recommendations on managing Asian citrus psyllids for Florida citrus groves based on UF/IFAS research.

Asian citrus psyllids are the vector that spreads the citrus greening bacteria, but many citrus growers wonder if trying to curb the psyllid population since nearly 100% of Florida citrus groves are infected. However, a Citrus Industry article by UF/IFAS entomologist Lukasz Stelinski points to research done by ate UF/IFAS researcher Phil Stansly showed that in citrus groves with 100% infection, “reducing psyllids does improve health.” The article continues with recommendations on managing Asian citrus psyllids in Florida groves.

 Managing Asian Citrus Psyllids

The following are recommendations from Stelinski on managing Asian citrus psyllids:

Timing: Stelinski shared that January and February are desirable for spraying because psyllid populations are already low.

Rotate Modes of Action: Rotating modes of action for targeting psyllids decreases the likelihood of insecticide resistance. “It’s as simple as rotating five modes of action in sequence. There are more than five modes of action available to use. These are all in the Florida Citrus Pest Management Guide. And it really doesn’t matter which ones you start with as long as you rotate five,” Stelinski said in the article.

Biological Controls. Stelinski advised using biological controls in conjunction with insecticides.

Monitoring. Stelinski shared that knowing when psyllid populations are increasing is important.

He ended saying, “judicious use of insecticides includes these dormant winter sprays and then spraying throughout the year when psyllid populations rise.”

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