See a snapshot of state of the Florida Citrus Industry thanks to the Florida Citrus State of the Industry Survey.

The results of the Florida Citrus State of the Industry Survey were released in January 2024, which surveyed Florida citrus growers on a number of topics, from trunk injections to replanting. The results were shared in a January Citrus Industry article and a February Citrus Industry article. See the highlights below.

Florida Citrus State of the Industry Survey Highlights

The Florida Citrus State of the Industry Survey surveyed Florida citrus growers on topics like:

Citrus Planting: A majority of respondents—68 out of 104—said they were currently replanting trees. The most popular rootstock being planted is US-942, with Swingle and X-639 coming in second and third. The most popular variety being planted is Valencia, with Hamlin and Vernia being second and third.

Individual Protective Covers (IPCs): 60% of respondents said they were utilizing IPCs on newly planted trees. The article maintained that IPCs are being used on over 1 million young citrus trees in Florida.

Trunk Injections: 84% said they were treating their groves with injections of oxytetracycline, with 60 out of 89 respondents maintaining they were treating 76% to 100% of their groves. 71% said they believed the trunk injections have had a positive impact on tree health, with 2% saying it has not had an impact, and 27% saying they were unsure.

Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs): 64% of respondents reported using a plant growth regulator to improve tree health and fruit retention; 58 said they were using gibberellic acid, 37 said they were using 2,4-D, 16 said they were using cytokinins, and 4% said they were using some other PGR. 41% said they believed the PGRs have had a positive impact, 16% said they had not, and 43% said they were unsure.

CRAFT Program: 42% of respondents maintained they were participating in the CRAFT program.

Cover Crops: 24% said they were planting cover crops in their groves to promote soil health.

Labor: 61% said they were using the H-2A program to source labor.

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