Director and citrus agent Laurie Hurner spoke about the importance of citrus nutrition and more at a recent grower forum.

Highlands County Extension Director and citrus agent, Laurie Hurner, has a lot of roots in citrus. Her father, Tim Hurner, was recently inducted into the Florida Citrus Hall of Fame. Hurner shared insights on the importance of citrus nutrition in the face of citrus greening and more at a recent grower forum she hosted, according to a Citrus Industry article. See the details below.

The Importance of Citrus Nutrition and More

Hurner maintained that many growers are finding success with citrus nutrition as part of their strategies to combat citrus greening but added that nutrition programs need to be tailored to the area. “Nutrition is certainly top of mind. We hear that a nutrition program (that works) in one area of the state or one area of the county may not be the same as a nutrition program (that works) in another area.” According to the article, she advised growers to learn more about citrus nutrition in their areas.

Hurner also spoke on the importance of catching postbloom fruit drop (PFD) before it gets hold, especially as the wet season approaches. “Don’t let it sneak up on you,” she shared.

Lastly, Hurner maintained that the season thus far is shaping up to be a decent one, especially where Valencias are concerned. “I think that the overarching feeling (of growers) is positive. It seems that Valencias are coming on strong; everybody’s seeing a good crop that’s hanging on the tree. So I think we’ll see some good pound solids and some good numbers come out of our Valencia crop,” she said.

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