Evidently, hurricanes like Irma can bring strange pests for ag growers to deal with; see suggestions from an Extension agent.


Hurricane Irma raged through Florida September 10th, bringing water, wind, and most likely some strange pests for ag growers to deal with —according to a Vegetable and Specialty Crop News article. Extension entomologist with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Ayanava Majumdar, shared advice for ag producers concerning the strange pests that hurricanes can bring. See them below.

Dealing With Strange Pests from Hurricanes


Majumdar shared a few tidbits of insight and advice concerning weird ag pests that may be transported by a hurricane. Strange insects and pathogens could show up that have never been detected in that area before. Majumdar shared that:

  • Large insects, such as butterflies, will have a high mortality rate, and smaller insects, such as aphids, will be dislodged from plants.
  • Hurricane winds can move smaller insects “far and wide.”
  • Growers should closely examine their crops for any unusual visitors as they assess the damage.
  • Growers should wait for better weather to treat the crop.
  • Growers should work closely with their local Extension agent
  • Take pictures of any questionable insects to show an Extension agent for treatment options.

There are many areas to deal with concerning the damage Hurricane Irma caused, such as flooding, crop and/or livestock loss, building and infrastructure damage, etc., but many growers may not know to be on the lookout for strange pests. Look to your local Extension services for help.

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