See examples of the BMPs for Florida growers—or Best Known Practices—that can help your operation and the environment.

Best Management Practices—or BMPs—are used in many different Florida crops. Oftentimes, growers follow BMP guidelines to qualify for a state designation; for some, BMPs are mandatory depending upon the operation’s proximity to important waterways. Others utilize BMPs as part of a commitment to being a good steward of the land, air, and water. Are you thinking of utilizing BMPs? See examples of BMPs for Florida Growers below.

Examples of BMPs for Florida Growers

These examples of BMPs for Florida Growers were taken from a BMP pamphlet for Florida sod growers:

Nutrient Management

  • “Choosing appropriate sources and formulations of fertilizer based on nutritional needs of the plants.
  • Using tissue testing to determine the effectiveness of a fertilizer program and needs for supplemental fertilization.
  • Calibrating and adjusting fertilizer application equipment.
  • Using split applications for soluble fertilizers.
  • Keeping records of nutrient application and location.”

Irrigation Scheduling

  • “Determining the soil moisture content and maintaining soil moisture within the recommended range to reduce possibility of over irrigation or leaching.
  • Adjusting irrigation timing and amount to account for rainfall events and growth stage(s)…”

Irrigation System Maintenance and Evaluation

  • “Periodically checking system efficiency and uniformity.
  • Establishing a written schedule for inspecting and maintaining all irrigation system components.
  • Using backflow-prevention devices at the wellhead to prevent contamination of water sources.”

Water Resources Protection

  • “Installing and maintaining appropriate vegetated buffers.
  • Recycling or composting clippings and ensuring that they do not enter water bodies.”

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