Improve safety training for your crew with the 10-Hour OSHA Construction Safety Course for the Landscape Industry.

Landscaping companies looking to add to their safety trainings should consider the 10-Hour OSHA Construction Safety Course for the Landscape Industry. It’s recommended by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) as the course is designed to cover those safety hazards that a landscaping professional is likely to face. See the details below.

Details of the 10-Hour OSHA Construction Safety Course for the Landscape Industry

According to a NALP article in Turf Magazine, the “10-hour course is designed to cover the safety hazards that landscapers in deal with and the typical equipment used, including zero-turn mowers, woodchippers, and chainsaws.” The course can augment safety programs that include safety signage and team safety huddles to increase the safety culture of your landscaping operation and lower the instances of injuries.

The course can be administered online, with online availability usually starting in September and running through March. Another option, according to the article, is “If you have a minimum of 25 attendees, you can request to host a course at your facility or request to host one in your area.” Then, “Over the course of two days, an OSHA-authorized and NALP-approved instructor goes over: an introduction to the OSHA standards, fall prevention, struck-by hazards, caught-in and between hazards, electrical hazards, chemicals in the workplace, personal protective equipment, power tools and equipment, health hazards in landscaping, excavation safety, material handling and miscellaneous safety hazards.”

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