Florida’s citrus industry is in dire straits, and a new measure aimed at assisting citrus growers to help the industry stay afloat in the face of citrus greening’s destructive effects has been introduced0. The Emergency Citrus Disease Response Act would let growers immediately claim the full expense of planting new citrus trees on their taxes rather than having to use the usual 14-year depreciation period of current IRS law.

orangesU.S. Senator Bill Nelson is the original sponsor of the act, and Senator Marco Rubio recently joined as a co-sponsor to push the measure through, adding his name to the host of fellow Senators and Representatives who have joined the cause as co-sponsors. Rubio recently joined Commissioner of Agriculture, Adam Putnam, and others in touring a citrus grove in Polk County in Central Florida to get a feel for citrus greening’s impact. With a large amount of citrus groves, Polk County has been one of the hardest hit by citrus greening. The Emergency Citrus Disease Response Act would encourage growers to plant new citrus trees in place of those felled by citrus greening, and it would be in force for a decade.

According to a Growing Produce article, Florida Citrus Mutual Executive VP/CEO, Mike Sparks, maintained that Florida’s citrus industry needs to plant approximately 20 million trees over the next decade to increase production and to support existing citrus infrastructure. He also thanked all involved for their bipartisan commitment to Florida’s all-important citrus industry.

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