See the details of the 2024 Florida Citrus Growers’ Institute, a free event put on by UF/IFAS for Florida citrus growers.

The digital brochure for the 2024 Florida Citrus Growers’ Institute maintains that it is “an opportunity for Florida citrus growers to come together to learn about effective management of HLB and other challenging pests and diseases affecting the industry.” This yearly UF/IFAS event features CEU opportunities and information on “horticultural management of HLB, citrus nutrient management and management of citrus pests and diseases.” See the details below.

Details of the 2024 Florida Citrus Growers’ Institute

When: April 9 from 8 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Where: South Florida State College, University Center Auditorium, 600 W. College Drive, Avon Park, Florida.

What: An event with workshop-like learning opportunities for Florida citrus growers, with CEUs available. “Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) will be offered for holders of restricted use pesticide licenses (RUP) and certified crop advisors (CCA). CEU’s have been requested in the following categories: private applicator, agricultural tree crop and demonstration & research for RUP holders. CEU’s have been requested for CCA’s in the appropriate CEU categories.”

Topics and presentations at the 2024 Florida Citrus Growers’ Institute include:

Citrus Pest Management

  • Mind your P’s and Q’s: The Phytophthora Quandary
  • Developing Management for Bulimulus banariensis, an Emerging Snail Pest in Citrus

Citrus Horticulture

  • Update on Trunk Injection
  • Irrigation to Improve Health and Productivity of HLB-affected Trees
  • Optimal Weed Control in Citrus: Latest on Chemical Strategies and NonChemical Alternatives
  • Use of Interstocks for HLB Management

Citrus Nutrient Management

  • UF/IFAS Nutrient Management Renaissance
  • An Update on Citrus N and BMP Statewide Trials
  • Use of Silicon Fertilizer in Citrus Production

How: Preregistration is required. Register online here or by mailing the completed registration form on the brochure by April 5th to Joy Spencer, Polk County Extension Service, P.O. Box 9005, Drawer HS03, Bartow, FL 33831, or emailing it to j.spencer@u

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