Explore the particulars of Governor Rick Scott’s Citrus Emergency Loan Program.


Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc on Florida’s ag industry. Florida Ag Commissioner Adam Putnam recently placed the damage in the billions, with a lot of damage to the already beleaguered citrus industry. In order to provide assistance, Florida Governor Rick Scott activated a $25 million Florida Citrus Emergency Loan Program in the first week of October. See the details of the Florida Citrus Emergency Loan Program below.

Details of the Florida Citrus Emergency Loan Program


The details of the Florida Citrus Emergency Loan Program were outlined in an article on CitrusIndustry.net. In the article, Governor Scott was quoted as saying, “Hurricane Irma was a massive storm that impacted communities across our state, causing hundreds of millions of dollars of losses for the Florida citrus industry. I am committed to working with our state and federal partners to help Florida’s citrus industry and the nearly 76,000 jobs it supports. The Florida Citrus Emergency Loan Program will be a valuable resource for affected business owners. I’ve also spoken to Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam and United States Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue, and we’ll continue to partner to find more ways to help this vital industry recover.”

The article details the Citrus Emergency Loan Program:

  • “Citrus growers who maintain a citrus grove in production in any of Florida’s 67 counties affected by Hurricane Irma can apply for loans up to $150,000.”
  • “The interest-free loans are granted in terms of up to one year.”
  • “To be eligible, a grower must have been established prior to September 4, 2017, and demonstrate economic injury or physical damage as a result of Hurricane Irma.”
  • “The application period is open through November 30, 2017.”

Complete the application or get more information here.  Questions can be answered by the Florida Small Business Development Center Network at 850-898-3489 or e-mail Disaster@FloridaSBDC.org.

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