See who in the Florida Citrus industry has been chosen to be inducted into the Florida Citrus Hall of Fame for 2019.

The Florida Citrus Hall of Fame has announced the inductees for 2019. Inductees are “distinguished leaders who have made significant contributions to the Florida citrus industry,” according to a Citrus Hall of Fame press release. The citrus industry has been a mainstay in The Sunshine State, and we at Griffin Fertilizer are proud to serve an industry that has been a driving force in Florida ag for so long. Explore the backgrounds of the inductees below.

Meet the 2019 Florida Citrus Hall of Fame Inductees

Read a snippet of what the press released shared about each inductee:

Tim Hurner is a fourth-generation Florida citrus grower who has spent most of his life and career as an IFAS Extension Citrus Agent, as well as a Center Director, in Highlands County supporting citrus growers in the production and profitability of citrus. In 1990, he assisted growers in the formation of the Highlands County Citrus Growers Association which was designed to help growers keep up with local and regional issues and respond accordingly. Throughout his extension career, he was known as the “go to” person for answers, helping growers’ transition to new technology and conservation methods.”

Richard J. Kinney will long be remembered as Florida’s most passionate advocate for its fresh citrus industry. Kinney started his career as an Ag Liaison for Representative Andrew Ireland and later for former Governor and Senator Lawton Chiles. He went on to serve as Executive Vice President of Florida Citrus Packers from 1983 until his retirement in 2012. During that time, he worked tirelessly to maintain export and domestic markets for fresh Florida citrus after the discovery of citrus canker, “walking the halls” of Tallahassee and Washington DC building the case for continued market access and ensuring that scientific research supported the cause.”

“Peter McClure is a fourth-generation citrus grower and is known as “the Godfather” of the Citrus Research & Development Foundation (CRDF), an organization he helped found to combat the devastating spread of HLB.  He originally helped create one of the first ever grower funded research organizations, the Florida Citrus Production Advisory Council (FCPAC), which evolved into the CRDF with over $200 million of sponsored, funded and completed research committed to HLB mitigation and control.”

Read the complete bios of each inductee here, and register to attend the March inductee ceremony.

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