Explore the Citrus & Specialty Crop Expo seminar schedule, which is slated for Aug. 16-17 at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa.

The Citrus & Specialty Crop Expo is fast approaching. Scheduled for Aug. 16th and 17th at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa, each day of the expo features educational seminars for citrus growers and those in vegetable and specialty crops. Josh McGill, the show director, said “The seminar committee worked hard this year to put together something that would be good for growers, not just in the state of Florida, but really across the Southeast; both citrus as well as vegetable and specialty crops,” McGill said. “We’re real excited about this year’s lineup. We also have a great general session, opening morning, so we’re excited about that,” in a Florida Grower article. He also noted that Florida Ag Commissioner Wilton Simpson will be the expo’s keynote speaker. See the Citrus & Specialty Crop Expo seminar schedule, below.

Citrus & Specialty Crop Expo Seminar Schedule

The Citrus & Specialty Crop Expo seminar schedule, from the Expo website, is as follows:

Wednesday, August 16th

Citrus Seminars

1:50 – Welcome/Sponsor Introduction

2:00 – An Update From UF/IFAS -Rob Gilbert, UF/IFAS

2:15 – Progress Developing New Citrus Varieties Using CRISPR and Other Biotech Approaches -Michael Rogers, UF/IFAS

2:45 – IPCs Work. What Comes Next? -Fernando Alferez, UF/IFAS

2:55 – Optimizing Irrigation and Fertilization in HLB-Affected Trees -Davie Kadyampakeni, UF/IFAS

3:05 – Employing Plant Growth Regulators to Improve Canopy Healthc -Tripti Vashisth, UF/IFAS

3:15 – The Latest on Trunk Injection HLB Therapy -Ute Albrecht, UF/IFAS

3:25 – Psyllid Research and Management Update -Lukasz Stelinski, UF/IFAS

3:35 – Discussion Panel and Q&A With Speakers

4:35 – Visit Trade Show and Networking Reception

Vegetable and Specialty Crop Seminars

2:00 – Welcome/Sponsor Introduction

2:10 – Planning for the Next Vegetable Season: Thrips parvispinus Management -Anna Mészáros, UF/IFAS

2:20 – Managing Pepper Weevil: Considerations, Suppression and Screen Barrier Protection -Jawwad Qureshi, UF/IFAS

2:40 – Increasing Efficiency and Optimizing Economic Return in Relay and Double Cropping Systems -Nathan Boyd, UF/IFAS

3:00 – Optimizing Summer Fallow Practices to Enhance Weed Suppression in Vegetables -Ramdas Kanissery, UF/IFAS

3:20 – Team Presentation: Nutrient BMP Research for Beans, Potatoes and Tomatoes -Thomas Obreza, Sanjay Shukla, Shinsuke Agehara, Christian Christensen, Kimberly Morgan, UF/IFAS

4:00 – Visit Trade Show and Networking Reception

Thursday, August 17th

Citrus Seminars

8:50 – Welcome/Sponsor Introduction

9:00 – Artificial Intelligence for Precision Grove Management -Yiannis Ampatzidis, UF/IFAS

9:20 – Transgene-Free CRISPR Citrus Genome Editing -Nian Wang, UF/IFAS

9:40 – Understanding and Managing Soil Health of Citrus -Sarah Strauss, UF/IFAS

10:00 – Enhancing Weed Control: Latest Updates for Mature and Young Groves -Ramdas Kanissery, UF/IFAS

10:20 – Multi-Year Comparison of New Tools to Support Establishment of Young Groves -Lauren Diepenbrock, UF/IFAS

10:40 – Supporting Establishment of Young Groves and Keeping Diseases at Bay -Megan Dewdney, UF/IFAS

11:00 – US Early Pride and New Selections for Use in CUPS -Matt Mattia, USDA Agricultural Research Service

11:20 – Sweet Oranges from the UF/IFAS Citrus Breeding Team -John Chater, UF/IFAS

11:40 – Strategies to Mitigate HLB in Groves -Grower Panel

12:30 – Visit Trade Show/Lunch

Vegetable and Specialty Crop Seminars

9:00 – Sponsor Introduction

9:15 – Welcome Comments -Andra Johnson, UF/IFAS

9:20 – Optimizing Irrigation Management to Maximize Crop Health -Craig Frey, UF/IFAS

9:40 – Florida Stakeholder Engagement Program: Optimizing Agricultural Water, Nutrient and Economic Efficiency -Vivek Sharma, UF/IFAS

10:00 – Sustainable Vegetable Production in Florida -Pavlos Tsouvaltzis, UF/IFAS

10:20 – Characterization and Management of Cabbage Black Rot in Florida -Renzo Ramirez, UF/IFAS

10:40 – Monitoring Insecticide Susceptibility of Whitefly (Bemisia tabaci MEAM1) in Florida -Hugh Smith and Marcelo Dimase, UF/IFAS

11:00 – FAWN Data and Tools for Decision Making: New Enhancements -Rick Lusher, UF/IFAS

11:20 – Keeping On Top of Nematode Pressure -Johan Desaeger, UF/IFAS

11:40 – Lunch

CEUs and CCAs are available for many of the sessions. Those wishing to attend can register here.

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