See the citrus innovations that are currently underway at Cherrylake Tree Farm in South Lake Farming 

Many Florida citrus growers have been in the industry for many years, and they have seen all sorts of adversity, but none have been so great as citrus greening. Such is the case at Cherrylake Tree Farm in South Lake Farming, but the family-owned operation is turning to citrus innovations to fight citrus greening, according to an online article on the South Lake Tablet website. See the details below. 

Citrus Innovations 

Cherrylake Founder and CEO, Michel Sallin, was quoted as saying, “There will always be adversity in agriculture whether pests and diseases, natural disasters or market recessions, we need to adapt to change, diversify and innovate in order to survive in the long run.” Cherrylake and sister company, IMG Citrus, are utilizing the following innovations and high-tech approaches: 

  • Planting citrus groves at higher rates. Traditional planting rates numbered around 100; Cherrylake’s current groves are around 300 trees per acre, with plans for groves that will be 1,000 trees per care in the near future, according to the article. Grower can exercise a greater deal of control over such groves concerning water, fertilizers, and pesticide applications. This can save time, effort, and money. 
  • Citrus variety choice. Cherrylake is growing “new ‘easy-peel’ and cold hardy varieties of mandarin tangerine trees called Bingo and Tango.” These varieties are an easy sell to consumers, can withstand the occasional Florida cold snap, and have shown promise with resistant to citrus greening. 
  • Precision nutrient management. Ensuring the citrus trees have the exact nutrients they need helps combat the manner in which citrus greening affects citrus trees, which is to attack ”the vascular system of the tree limiting the plant’s natural abilities to uptake water and nutrients through its roots and transfer resources through the trunk to the fruit.” 
  • Soil health management. Cherrylake considers the soil’s Mycology, or “the use and control of fungi and other microorganisms to create a rich ecosystem within the soil. 

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