See the Best Management Practices when it comes to using calf processing vaccines in your cow-calf operation.

Vaccines are an important tool in the effort towards raising healthy calves. They are typically administered during calf processing, and there are a number of ways to mess up the process. The Best Management Practices for calf processing vaccines were shared in a Beef Magazine article about processing and branding calves. See them below.

BMPs for Calf Processing Vaccines

The article shared the following Best Management Practices for calf processing vaccines:

  • “When products require mixing, only mix them as needed and not more than one hour prior to administration. The efficacy of the product deteriorates outside of that time frame.
  • When mixing vaccines, do not over shake. Simply swirling the vaccine in the bottle is enough to ensure a good mix. When products are over shaken, they can be destroyed and release endotoxins, which could be harmful to your animals.
  • Keep vaccines protected from the elements. Store them according to the temperature range on the manufacturer label and do not allow them to be exposed to sunlight.
  • Label syringes and do not allow them to get mixed up. If modified live vaccine is placed into a syringe that previously held killed vaccine and a residue of the killed vaccine is present, it may damage or destroy the modified live vaccine.
  • Change your needles every time a syringe is refilled. It is recommended to replace needles every 10 – 15 head. Additionally, by replacing your needle each refill, you ensure you’re not contaminating the remainder of the product left in the bottle with a dirty needle.
  • Give all injections in front of the shoulder in the neck region unless the label specifically advises to administer in a different location.
  • Try to utilize products that are labeled for subcutaneous administration.”

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