The Agricultural Research Service (ARS) has developed free online training modules in managing phosphorus.

Phosphorus is one of the most important nutrients needed by plants for growth; it’s one of the “big three” nutrients found in fertilizers: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). However, excess phosphorus can become runoff that finds its way into bodies off water like lakes and rivers, and can cause environment-damaging algae blooms. To help ag producers to combat this, the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) has developed free online training modules about managing phosphorus, according to a Southeast AgNet article. Read the details below.

Training for Managing Phosphorus

In the article, Chad Penn, an ARS agricultural engineer who was involved the development of the modules on managing phosphorus shared, ““These videos explain the basics, and then get into all the details necessary for designing and constructing phosphorus removal structures. The goal is to disseminate this conservation practice throughout the country and world.”

There are seven modules in the program, and they are free for farmers, engineers, environmental consultants, and anyone interested in designing on-farm systems for phosphorus management. The modules are made up of narrated videos that cover the basics, the need for phosphorus removal systems, and “how to design, build and install them, as well as how to properly dispose of or recycle the absorbent materials used to help capture the nutrient in drainage water and runoff.”

Those interested can find the modules on phosphorus management here.

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