Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones as they are sometimes called, could revolutionize Florida citrus groves. Mainly employed by the military and government agencies, these drones are now crossing over into the agricultural industry to detect wind damage or pesticide burns and manage field inventory. These drones hold staggering potential for Florida citrus growers because of their possible use to combat HLB. As you already know, citrus greening begins at the top of the tree. The use of drones could detect this problem early on, saving you thousands of dollars in treatment and wasted produce. South Florida researches are already using this technology to fight diseases that threaten the growth of avocados.


The use of drones in Florida agriculture can help you:

  • Collect information to make better decisions
  • Detect citrus greening & prevent crop destruction
  • Monitor for potential threats—human, animal or insect


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