Explore the benefits of using the 4Rs.


Agriculture is an industry that is forever growing and changing, and farmers must keep up with those changes in order to be successful. A good example is the use of fertilizers. Soil nutrient supplementation like fertilizers and amendments have always been used to get more out of the land, but changes in the ag industry have altered how fertilizers are used. On one hand, an ever-growing population means more more fertilizers are needed so more food can be grown on less land, and yet increased environmental regulations means the use of fertilizers comes with increasing restrictions at the same time. This is where the 4Rs of Nutrient Stewardship can help. Refresh your memory on the details of the 4Rs, and explore the many benefits below.

The Details of the 4Rs


The 4Rs are essentially best practices to follow when applying fertilizer to a crop. They were developed by The Fertilizer Institute to aid growers, and they’re backed by scientific research. The 4Rs stand for:

  1. Right Source: Using a fertilizer from the best source for your crops.
  2. Right Rate: Knowing how much is needed by the crops based on analysis of the soil and the crop’s needs, and using just that amount.
  3. Right Time: Applying nutrients when the plant is most likely to need it or use it.
  4. Right Place: Meet your crop’s specific needs for applying fertilizers and nutrients based on the dynamics of your site.

The Benefits of the 4Rs


The 4Rs are meant to help farmers with the challenges of today’s agriculture: grow more with less, and to protect the environment. Accordingly, benefits of the 4Rs include both increasing yields and profits and minimize the impact to the environment. Others include:

  • Optimizes nutrient management, which saves money
  • Higher crop yields
  • Contributes to the preservation of natural ecosystems
  • Reduces fertilizer runoff, minimizing the impact to the environment

All of the benefits of using the 4Rs are those that growers are already looking to achieve.

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