Griffin Fertilizer offers a wide variety of fertilizers for every use. Browse our most popular products to see which is best for your soil!

Griffin 14-7-7 with Crop Set

A single application can positively affect your mature and young citrus trees. Each application supplies the crops with nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and phosphorus acid. Griffin 14-7-7 contains Dual Phos which improves the intake of phosphates and phosphites with a single application.


Griffin 10-10-10 with Crop Set

Griffin 10-10-10 also contains Dual Phos (phosphorus and phosphoric acid) resulting in a synergistic effect for mature and young citrus trees. These elements are essential to plant growth, development, quality, and yield.


Griffin 3-18-18 with Crop Set

This product allows the grower to bypass certain soil & environmental conditions that limit the crop from receiving phosphorous. It is best used on mature and young citrus trees to improve the intake of potassium and phosphorous.


Griffin 4-0-8 with Agro-Mos

Created specifically for citrus crops, Griffin 4-0-8 contains highly soluble nitrogen and potassium sources that boost overall plant health, production, and disease resistances. This complete nutritional package is used mostly with common foliar pesticides.


Griffin Green Soil Treatment

Designed to enhance resistance within crops with crop-born challenges, the Green Soil Treatment is best used on fruit treats, landscape ornamentals, turf and field-grown ornamentals, greenhouses, and field nurseries. It contains neutral pH humic & fulvic acids which increase the soil’s ability to draw essential nutrients.


Griffin Amino MZ

Rich in amino acids, this is applied to boost plant metabolism, correct and prevent deficiencies in citrus crops. It works best with young citrus trees.

Each of these products is designed to help both growers and ranchers make sound agronomic and economic decisions in order to maximize their health of their pasture. As a full-service custom dry & liquid fertilizer blender and crop protection products distributor, Griffin Fertilizer will continue our mission to further advance Florida agriculture.


If you have questions about any of our products or your farm or pasture contact us and one of our team will be in touch.