Griffin 3-18-18 with Crop Set


GRIFFIN 3-18-18 is a proprietary nutrient solution containing highly soluble forms of elements essential to plant growth, crop development, crop quality and yield.

DUAL PHOS is formulated with Dipotassium Phosphate (DKP).

  • DKP has a very low salt index and can be safely applied at higher rates than many other products
  • DKP provides readily available phosphorous as PO4. At critical stages of plant growth, DKP enables the grower to bypass certain soil & environmental conditions that limit phosphorous uptake.
  • DKP is much more soluble than potassium nitrate, therefore the DKP stays in solution on the leaf much longer – an essential requirement for foliar potassium uptake.

Patented DUAL PHOS includes phosphorous and phosphoric acid. The patent was granted after research proved that combining phosphates and phosphites in a single application is an innovative and superior method. The dual application provides a synergistic effect in which the inherent qualities of both products are amplified.

Foliar Nutritional Spray – DUAL PHOS may be applied by air or with all types of ground spraying equipment.

Compatibility – DUAL PHOS is compatible with most common foliar pesticides and nutrients. However, USER ASSUMES FULL RESPONSIBILITY to ensure compatibility when tank mixing with other products.


Mature Citrus – Apply 4 gallons per acre. Each gallon supplies 0.50 pounds of Phosphorus Acid.

Young Trees – Apply 4 gallons per one hundred gallons of spray mix and apply to run-off.


Total Nitrogen 3.00%
Available Phosphorous as P2O5 18.00%
Soluble Potassium as K2O 18.00%

Statement of Secondary Plant Food

Boron as B .10%
Manganese .018%
Cooper .002%
Iron .007%


Urea, Ammonium Hydroxide, Dipotassium Phosphate, Phosphorus Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, Sodium Borate, Sulfate micronutrients

Weight Per Gallon – 11.5 LBS.