Griffin 4-0-8 with Agro-Mos


GRIFFIN 4-0-8 with Agro-Mos® is the most complete nutritional package available. Designed
balanced combination of magnesium and a micronutrient package unlike any other. These elements are
included in the correct ratios to provide the building blocks for the complex enzymatic reactions
essential to overall plant health, production and disease resistance.

GRIFFIN 4-0-8 includes Agro-Mos® by Alltech® Crop Science. Agro-Mos® is designed to
enhance the natural systemic resistance within plants to challenges that may limit production.

Foliar Nutritional Spray – GRIFFIN 4-0-8 with Agro-Mos® may be applied by air or with all types
of ground spraying equipment.

Compatibility – GRIFFIN 4-0-8 with Agro-Mos® is compatible with most common foliar pesticides
USER ASSUMES FULL RESPONSIBILITY to ensure compatibility when tank mixing with other products.


Mature Citrus – Apply 5 – 10 gallons per acre.
Young Trees – Mix 3 – 5 gallons per one hundred gallons of spray solution and apply to run.


Total Nitrogen 4.000%
Available Phosphorous as P2O5 0.000%
Soluble Potassium as K2O 8.000%
Soluble Magnesium as Mg 0.750%
Copper as Cu 0.024%
Iron as Fe (Chelated) 0.000%
Manganese as Mn (Chelated) 0.750%
Zinc as Zn (Chelated) 0.750%
Boron as B 0.100%
Molybdenum as Mo 0.001%


Urea, Potassium Nitrate, Magnesium Nitrate,Sodium Borate, Sodium Molybdate, Iron, Manganese & Zinc Glucoheptonate and Copper Sulfate from Agro-Mos™

Weight Per Gallon: 10.3 lbs