Explore the highlights of the UF/IFAS Tip of the Week that shares what works in managing snails in the citrus grove.

Citrus growers are seeing invasive snails, Bulimulus sporadicus, in their groves, according to the UF/IFAS Tip of the Week and the accompanying Citrus Industry article. These pests were first identified in Duval County in 2009.  Unfortunately, snails are able to combat the use of agrochemicals because they can retreat within their shells. Additionally, the life cycles of the snails are not well understood because the snails are such a relatively new pest. The UF’IFAS Tip of the Week shared results of a laboratory study into chemical control options for managing snails. See the details below.

Options for Managing Snails

According to the article, the danger these snails pose to citrus growers is clogging irrigation jets and causing foliage damage inside individual protective covers (IPCs). The laboratory study tested chemical control options, both materials already registered for use on snails (mollusks) in Florida citrus and “materials of interest by growers who are trying to reduce snail populations in their groves,” according to the article.

The testing showed that “Baits containing metaldehyde or iron worked best for attracting and killing snails.” The materials that had the highest mortality percentage after seven days were:

  • Deadline GT (metaldehyde) at a rate of 100x: 90% mortality
  • Deadline M-Ps (metaldehyde) at a rate of 100x: 96% mortality
  • IronFist (sodium ferric EDTA): 90% mortality
  • Ferroxx (iron chelate) at a rate of 100x: 100% mortality
  • Sluggo (iron phosphate) at a rate of 100x: 92% mortality

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