The Florida Cattlemen’s Annual Convention wrapped up June 16th in Orlando, Florida after an event full of industry information, networking and new products and services from the vendor trade show. Beef cattle is a major agricultural industry in The Sunshine State, and there’s a lot to get accomplished in a short amount of time at such shows and meetings. If you missed it, see a few highlights from the show below.

Florida Beef Council Annual Report

The folks at the Florida Beef Council gave their annual presentation to show how Your Beef Checkoff dollars are being used to promote Florida beef around the state. The end goal is, of course, to reach consumers, to spread information about beef and to correct misinformation. The report included events like cooking demonstrations, beef trainings and Beef Month.

Bronson Animal Lab Update

Dr. Michael Short, Florida State Veterinarian and director of the Division of Animal Industry, gave an update concerning the Bronson Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory. With the purpose of providing a resource for diagnosing diseases in animals for the state’s agriculture industry and beyond, the lab has hired additional staff members and is working on improving response time and customer service.

Florida Grazing Lands Coalition

The Florida Grazing Lands Coalition announced a new program on how soil health can improve the success of a cattle operation. The coalition is planning a set of full-day presentations to be held around the state with an effort to space them in such a way to allow cattle producers in all areas of the state to be able to attend at least one program. Special emphasis will go to Central Florida because of the amount of large cattle operations in that region, and North Florida to reach as many cattle producers as possible.

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