Growers interested in growing a red-fleshed orange similar to blood oranges should look into an available grower contract.

Florida citrus growers have long been interested in growing an orange with the attractions of a blood orange, and according to a Growing Produce article, they can have the chance to grow something similar by signing up for a grower contract for the ‘Ruby’ Valencia, a red orange. The blood orange has a host of attributes that make it attractive to consumers: an attractive and unique color, healthful compounds, and a distinct flavor.

Unfortunately, the blood orange can not get the required chill hours in The Sunshine State to produce its unique coloration and flavor, but another orange, the ‘Ruby’ Valencia, offers similar attributes and is available to grow under a grower contract. See details below.

Grower Contract for the ‘Ruby’ Valencia Orange

According to the article, the ‘Ruby’ Valencia is a mutation of an orange discovered in South Africa, the ‘Olinda’ Valencia orange. It offers a red flesh color created from lycopene, an additional healthy compound responsible for the coloration of produce such as grapefruit, tomatoes, papaya, watermelons, and more. It also produces a juice with a rich red pigmentation, which consumers find attractive.

Per the article, New Varieties Development & Management Corporation (NVDMC) acquired a license from Biogold North America in 2013 to import the exclusive ‘Ruby’ Valencia and enter it into trials at private grower sites.” Growers interested in growing the ‘Ruby’ Valencia orange should contact NVDMC for more information about a grower contract.

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