The 2018 Florida Cattlemen’s Association Cattle Convention

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Read about the offerings at the 2018 cattle convention of the Florida Cattlemen’s Association.   June 19th to the 21st will see the Florida Cattlemen’s Association’s Annual Convention in [...]

Small Study Shows Two Micronutrients Could Help in the Fight Against Citrus Greening

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A UF/IFAS researcher maintains that two micronutrients could prove helpful in treating citrus trees affected by citrus greening.   Citrus greening, also known as HLB, continues to take its [...]

UF/IFAS Researcher Says Kaolin Clay Superior for Psyllid Management

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UF/IFAS researcher maintains the kaolin clay is better than foliar insecticides in certain instances for psyllid management.   Christopher Vincent, a researcher with the University of Florida’s Institute of [...]

Details of Florida Gov. Scott’s Sales Tax Rebate for Damages from Hurricane Irma

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See details of the sales tax rebate Gov. Scott enacted to help ag operators who have damages from Hurricane Irma.   Hurricane Irma brought a lot of destruction to [...]

Don’t Forget This Essential Nutrient in Your Fertilization Schedule

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Many growers forget about this essential nutrient, to the detriment of crop growth and yield.   When it comes to nutrients, all growers know about the main three nutrients: [...]